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2021 Virtual Black and Latino Economic Summit

2021 Virtual Black and Latino Economic Summit

HHI encourages everyone to attend this year’s 2021 Virtual Black and Latino Economic Summit. This year’s Summit will focus on “solutions” related to “Access to Capital” and Building Up Black & Latino “Intellectual Bandwidth” in Community Development.  This year’s summit will be spread out over a 5 week period from (Nov 2-Dec 2) with sessions every Tuesday & Thursday from (11am EST to 2pm EST) in response to last year’s record breaking number of “998” attendees who struggled to take off 2 entire days to attend sessions they wanted to attend. This years summit is going to be as good and even better than last years summit with round table sessions, breakout rooms, and other candid communication with national and regional banks, with bank regulators, well know business and political figures and for and non-profit Black and Latino practitioners from across the country.

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