Welcome to Hogar Hispano Inc!

Welcome to Hogar Hispano Inc!

Creating Economic Stability

Hogar Hispano Inc (HHI) is a District of Columbia non-profit organization dedicated to helping families/individuals prevent foreclosure and creating new housing opportunities in the United States and Puerto Rico. With offices in Arizona, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia we are able to serve homeowners, renters, distressed borrowers and others needing assistance. We work with socially minded public and private funds and socially minded investors interested in providing positive impacts on families and communities with their investments.HHI is a non-profit organization that operates with limited public support. We operate an efficient and effective program models that delivers quality housing and related services nationwide. We are proud to partner with “UnidosUS” a national non-profit organization that provides multiple services, including “Housing Counseling and Financial Services” which greatly impact the families and individuals HHI serve’s.

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Our Programs

HHI has created home-ownership for more than 1,518 low-to-medium income families/individuals and have a established a portfolio of  rental properties available/rented to income qualified families/individuals. We constantly have properties in the rehab process,  in escrow to acquire and/or listed for sale or lease. We strive to acquire no less than 52 properties per month with a targeted goal of 70 acquisitions per month.

Hogar Community Reinvestment (HCR) is a District of Columbia LLC formed by HHI to acquire distressed REO to assist communities to rebuild, and residents to build, and preserve wealth. We currently acquire 20 to 50 properties per month with a targeted goal of 70 acquisitions per month.  We purchase the home, renovate it to the highest standard and sell or lease it to income qualified families/individuals.

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HHI makes a difference in financially distressed Hispanic communities and communities of color through alternative housing solutions and foreclosure prevention strategies that work and can be replicated, nationwide.

With more that 400mm dollars in investments nationwide we are successfully re-purposing distressed REO and preserve home-ownership for distressed borrowers.

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Second Opportunity of America (SOA) is an Arizona LLC formed by HHI in order to purchase distressed mortgages with the intent to provide foreclosure prevention services to the borrowers. With the help of Socially minded private investors HHI has successfully acquired over 1200 loans in 31 states and Puerto Rico and is working to stabilize communities, one home at a time.

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Our Mission

HHI’s mission is to create opportunities for Latino low and moderate-income families to achieve economic self-sufficiency by initiating or supporting efforts that result in affordable rental housing, home-ownership opportunities, essential community facilities or services and small business formation and operation. These efforts will be achieved with s strong emphasis on engaging with partners at national, state and local levels.

Preserving the Dream of Homeownership for Latino Families

HHI actively assists Latino and low income families and their communities by preserving home-ownership and creating new home-ownership opportunities. In order to achieve our mission we partner with other community based organizations, non-profits, like UnidosUS and its network of affiliates to support affordable housing solutions and craft sensible ways to preserve and create wealth for the under-served families.