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Welcome to Hogar Hispano Inc!

Welcome to Hogar Hispano Inc!

Creating Economic Stability

Hogar Hispano Inc (HHI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families/individuals prevent foreclosure and creating new housing opportunities in the United States and Puerto Rico. We have offices in Arizona, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. This allows us to serve homeowners, renters, distressed borrowers and others needing our assistance. We work with socially minded public and private funds and investors sophisticated enough to understand the impacts their investments have on our constituents and their communities.

HHI is a non-profit organization that operates as a for-profit business. With limited public support, HHI has to operate an efficient and effective program model that delivers quality services nationwide. Described below are our current services. 2019, however,  should see growth in both programs and services and overall market expansion.

Hogar Hispano Inc

Our Programs

HHI has created homeownership for 718 low-to-medium income families and have a portfolio of 77 rental properties available and/or rented to income qualified families/individuals. Having 140 properties in rehab process and 76 listed for sale, we try to acquire approximately 12 properties per month.


Hogar Community Reinvestment (HCR) is an LLC formed by HHI in 2011 to acquire distressed REO in under-served communities in order to restore housing values, renovate for sale, or lease to qualified families/individuals. Together with our capital partners, HCR has positively impacted over 2,000 homes and families.

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HHI makes a difference in financially distressed Hispanic communities through alternative housing solutions and foreclosure prevention strategies that work and can be replicated, nationwide.

We offer loan modifications including principal forgiveness, term modifications to fit the homeowners’ needs and no cost reinstatements.

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Second Opportunity of America (SOA) is an LLC formed by HHI in 2013 with the purpose of purchasing distressed mortgages. With limited public funding, HHI strives to provide the highest quality service to distressed borrowers and new homeowners/tenants. Socially minded private investors have helped us deliver these services. To date, HHI has successfully acquired over 1200 loans in 31 states, with a value over $200mm.

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Our Mission

As a renowned non-profit corporation in Arizona, it is our mission to create or preserve home ownership by acquiring your distressed asset and re-purpose in to quality housing stock. We truly want all the Americans to enjoy their American dream.

Preserving the Dream of Homeownership for Latino Families

HHI actively assists Latino as well as majority of the low income families and communities by buying their distressed mortgages or preventing foreclosure. We also partner with other community based organizations, non-profits, and Unidos US affiliates to support affordable housing solutions and craft sensible ways to preserve and create wealth for the underserved families.

From Arizona, Texas and Michigan to California, Ohio and Florida & Puerto Rico, we’ve successfully helped communities over the years.