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Affordable Housing Development & Training Program Launch


Hogar Hispano joins forces with organizations to develop affordable housing program!

Hogar Hispano, Inc., National Faith Home Builders and FMCRC have joined forces in response to the shortage of Black & Latino affordable housing developers in Detroit, a major Black city kicking a major affordable housing development initiative. Using actual affordable housing projects as a tool to train Detroit area nonprofits and faith-based organizations on affordable housing development process. The three organizations have spearheaded more than half a billion dollars of affordable housing development activity, which has a direct effect on the Racial Wealth Gap driven primarily by a huge disparity of home equity in Black & Latino communities. Now these 3 Black and Latino affordable housing leaders are joining forces to develop an affordable housing program and business model that will be used as a tool and a training ground for Black and Latino led nonprofits and faith-based organizations in Detroit. The goal, close the Racial Wealth Gap for Detroit Black and Latino Families.

More info in the flyer below:

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