Our Program

Our Program

HHI has created homeownership for 718 low-to-medium income families and have a portfolio of 77 rental properties available and/or rented to income qualified families/individuals. Having 140 properties in rehab process and 76 listed for sale, we try to acquire approximately 12 properties per month.

Our Programs Include:

Path of Distressed Mortgages

When it comes to selling off distressed loans, most sales go to the highest bidder. As a non-profit with limited financial resources, HHI strives hard to be in the competitive market to assist you in persevering homeownership.

Our Response to the Crisis

Our partnership with private capital has allowed us to acquire non-performing loans directly from Citi Mortgage. With support from the UnidosUS Housing Network (NHN) of HUD Certified Housing Counselors, we offer loan modifications including principal forgiveness, term modifications to fit the homeowners’ needs and no cost reinstatements.

Second Opportunity of America (SOA)

Through Second Opportunity of America (SOA), an LLC formed by HHI in 2013, HHI successfully acquired 467 loans in 31 states. These loans were delinquent and/or severely delinquent and might have been foreclosed on or sold to an investor or other buyer had they remained unresolved.

National Housing Crisis

The national foreclosure crisis created vast stockpiles of distressed REO held by the large banking institutions. While not many investors were interested in the severely distressed REO, majority of non-profits were unable to respond to the REO volume due to limited resources. Through Hardest Hit Funds and Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds, only few markets could gain advantage.

Hogar Community Reinvestment (HCR)

HCR was started in 2011 to acquire distressed REO in the underserved communities to help them restore housing values, renovate for sale or lease those homes that were habitable.