Hogar Community Reinvestment (HCR)

The Real Estate-Owned (REO) space has experienced margin compression the past several years, mainly due to two driving forces: a decline in interest rates and an increasingly competitive landscape. HCR and our capital partners have still been able to achieve above average returns due to our experience, our large geographic coverage, and our multiple sources of properties.

Our REO capital partners have been high net worth individuals providing debt on a per property basis. Together, we have earned double digit annualized returns, which has allowed our capital partners to never experience a loss of capital, and we have been able to grow our business consistently over the years.

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Key Metrics

  • # Homes & Families Impacted:
  • Total Notional Transacted:
    $200M+ Additional Projects, Investments & Partners: Parks, infrastructure and local non-profit support
  • Average Home Price:
    Under $100K Average Capital Partner
  • Investment:
    $2M Liquidity/Lockup: Per property basis