Hogar Hispano Inc

Maximo Cabellos

Operations Manager

about maximo

Maximo Cabellos, as Operations Manager of Hogar Community Reinvestment, LLC (HCR) manages HHI’s portfolio of REO assets and supervises all in house Asset Managers and National Partners in the acquisition, renovation and sale of our assets. Mr. Cabellos also serves as relationships manager of our participating bank partners to ensure the success of the program. This program is design to transform distressed REO assets into livable homes for low to medium income families.

Mr. Cabellos, is a Civil & Structural Engineer with 8 years of design experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial buildings. This experience allows him to provide a valuable point of view for every asset in the REO program and allows him to manage architects, engineers and contractors during the design and construction phase of each asset.

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